How to transfer? The house for the son house property card name is two days late years by Zhang Jialao before his father mother 91 year old birthday, the whole family enjoyable together, "Abba house to his brother, three sister said:" we all agree." But the real estate license Zhang took out a look, ah, real estate license or mother’s name ah, my mother has been dead for more than and 10 years. How to do this? Parents want to transfer to the housing son Zhang is 53 years old this year, we discuss the house located in Hangzhou Dong Jia Nong, a set of more than and 50 square meters of the two bedroom. In 1990, three sisters are married, living here is a piece of mom and Dad, Zhang (at that time also called Zhang) of the small family. Zhang said, when considering the parents seniority, with the name of the parents bought the suite rooms, the money that he and his wife, nearly 20 thousand yuan. 5 personal accounts are in this house, but no one has to pay attention to the name of the real estate license. The 2000 year old mother died, the old father had a stroke of paralysis, then moved to rehabilitation hospital, Zhang regardless of wind and rain to take care of dad two times a week. On that day, while the old father’s birthday, the sister of the state. I intend to transfer the house to their name. In accordance with the requirements of the current Hangzhou Real Estate Trading Center, the statutory succession also need to apply for notarization procedures. The successor shall go through the transfer formalities on the basis of the notarial deed. Hangzhou, West Lake notary office staff analysis – when buying this suite to change the room, is in the father Zhang mother marital relationship, belonging to the common property of the old couple. In 2000, his mother died, and left no will, when the mother’s parents is Zhang’s Grandpa grandmother had died, then the mother has 1 / 2 of the property, in accordance with statutory succession, respectively, by his father, Zhang, inherited and three sisters, each 1 (1 / 10 / 2*1 / 5). Now I will be do inheritance transfer, that is to say, the share of real estate all to Zhang name. The notary said there are two ways: one is simply wait until the old father Zhang hundred years later, the equivalent of the property at the time of the property rights of people, old parents have died, four children by real estate legal succession, three sisters to give up inheritance, then the property belongs to the younger brother Zhang a man. The second way is: now Zhang first mother inherited the 12, it is also necessary to give up Father, three sisters inherited from the mother share, all belong to zhang. And father also must be clear, such as the testator expressly after the 12 is only to my own. Zhang said, the father’s will a few years ago wrote, said to his house. The notary asked again: so we have to clear a point when your father’s will is how to write, because my father was only 1 / 2 property ah, so his will on the allocation of property is only 1 / 2 property effect. If my father wrote that "all my possessions are owned by my son," that’s no problem. However, in order to be more clear, it is recommended to do a notarized will again. The mother of the successor to clear the file if you can not make up for the transfer of the transfer of notarization相关的主题文章: