Liu Changlong was elected mayor of the new agency Changchun – Sohu news Changchun Changchun on 27 October, the fourteenth Municipal People’s Congress fifth session of the 27 day closing, meeting Liu Changlong by election for mayor Changchun. Liu Changlong was born in August 1963, in August 1985 to participate in the work, master of economics. Served as deputy director of the office of director of Jilin Provincial Department of finance, deputy director of Jilin Provincial Department of finance, Deputy Secretary General of the Jilin provincial government, Jilin Provincial Department of Finance Director and other staff. In September 27th of this year, Liu Changlong was appointed Changchun Municipal Committee, standing committee, deputy secretary, and was nominated for mayor of Changchun. So far, nearly 3 months in Jilin, the provincial capital of Changchun mayor has a new candidate. The last Changchun mayor Jiang Zhiying served as Minister of the United Front Work Department of Jilin provincial Party committee, in June this year. After the election, Liu Changlong solemn oath to the constitution. He also said, will keep in mind the development of this priority, always put development as the key to solve all problems Changchun; keep in mind all the power comes from the people, always the hearts of the people in the highest position; strive to create stand the test of practice and history work performance.相关的主题文章: