The river walk man accidentally fell into the water trapped in the river frozen fire rescue (Figure) – Beijing firefighters to rescue the drowning man Sichuan Chengdu news network August 29th news (reporter Liang Peng Ji Qing good man) in the river walk, did not want to slip at fell into the waters of the river, almost to his life. This thrilling scene occurred in the afternoon of August 29th in Wenjiang District of Chengdu City Springs Street Community double weir. At 4:17 on the afternoon of August 29th, Huadu District of Wenjiang Road Fire squadron received the alarm call, said the street outside the double weir springs community neighborhood committee Yang Liuhe people zhuihe. Emergency, after receiving the call, firefighters immediately rushed to the scene. 15 minutes later, firefighters arrived at the scene, the shore gathered a lot of onlookers. From the shore road about 5 meters of the river, a middle-aged man was pulling a safety rope, the waist and a life buoy, the local police station, the crowd pulled the safety rope to keep the water washed away the man. As the man was trapped in the distance from the road is not high, firefighters decided to use safety rope rescue. After determining the rescue program, a firefighter wearing a life jacket, a good safety belt, in the next step with his teammates came to the trapped man. Fire officers and men were trapped on the safety belt and safety rope, ready to pull up. Who knows the man body to lose control, and don’t use force. According to the surrounding people, said he had been trapped in the river for 20 minutes, coupled with the cold weather some stiff body. In order to rescue the man ashore as soon as possible, another firefighter in the case of security measures to do well, and soon came to the trapped man around, the safety belt tied in the man’s armpit. A player with a hand, another player in the water to push up and work together in the police and villagers nearby, 5 minutes after the man finally managed to escape. At this time, the man looked very weak. According to firefighters after understanding the drowning man surnamed Liu, Tianfu Street office community in Zitong Wenjiang district. The same day in the willows by the riverside stroll, unfortunately slipped accidentally fell into the water, because water too fast, Mr. Liu several times can not turn to swim to the shore, he did not know was the river rushed away. Rushed to Yan double springs neighborhood community, a lot of flat water, Mr. Liu to take hold of the shore weeds, and call for help, crossing the masses rushed immediately dialed 110. Fortunately, the timely rescue of the fire brigade, at present, Mr. Liu has returned home, there is no harm. (Figure provided by fire fighting)相关的主题文章: