These pregnancy taboos, I promise you never heard of it! The original mother – Sohu, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. dove air863 since after pregnancy, we intend to start their own happiness. But life doesn’t allow us to do whatever we want. In different places, there will always be some more wonderful customs. Many elderly people will tell us some taboos during pregnancy, let us not do. For the old man would rather do more, not less than the idea, sometimes it is really no way. In particular, after that, will say, "you do not listen, or else will suffer". Do not know what we have encountered more wonderful customs? Many pregnant women are not her family that during pregnancy must not move needle, this kind of weapon and the scissors. In the traditional argument, the weapon is likely to hurt the baby, resulting in the occurrence of child disability. Although there is no scientific basis, but you can not help but believe that the old man. In this case, the mother is also very good reason to do needlework. Hehe ~ ~ can not buy baby clothes in some places, within four months of pregnancy is not to give the baby to buy any clothes and bedding. Wait until four months later, the family began to prepare a variety of clothes for the baby. Even in some places, pregnant women can’t do such things, we must let the mother-in-law or mother to do it. Otherwise, it is likely to scare the fetus"! We all know that harelips can not eat rabbit meat is a great harm to the baby. Cleft lip is ugly, so, in some places there will eat rabbit harelipped statement. Rabbit meat is rich in protein, is the development of the baby is very good. But the weak spleen yang deficiency and pregnant women should not eat meat. Therefore, this argument, there is a certain desirability. Can not be a pat on the shoulder, there will always be an old man said, if the shoulder of pregnant women, is likely to lead to miscarriage. The reason is that if pregnant women take the shoulder so that pregnant women get scared, very easy to affect pregnancy, serious will cause abortion. So, in order to baby’s safety, in pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy do not mess pregnant woman’s shoulder, avoid being frightened. Many taboos during pregnancy is not justified, for example, can not eat meat, not sewing; but some still has certain rationality, such as not take women’s shoulder. For some contraindicated during pregnancy, we must learn to distinguish, if it is scientific and reasonable, must not do, if it is groundless statement, you know, there is no need to keep in mind.相关的主题文章: