[sound] fruit powder to give up after the iPhone, to whom? Ma Jionghui, Wang Yang, reports from the Tencent digital iPhone 4 times, Lei brother is Apple fans, he recently part of Apple’s mobile phone is iPhone 6s. Surprisingly, Lei brother did not wait for a new generation of iPhone release, but to release on the eve of the new iPhone changed his iPhone 6S, bought a Android mobile phone. Asked the reason, he said recently feeling iPhone each difference is not large, no innovation that cross time, there is no sense of superiority leading, it is Android mobile phone although there is also the problem of homogenization, but there are some differences in how much, for a mobile phone to keep their mobile phone on the fresh. Like Lei brother was once Apple fans of iPhone, but nearly a year to switch to other mobile phone camp (mainly Android camp) users also have many. This situation is also Cook and his apple had to think about the problem. According to Apple’s 2016 third quarter earnings report, Apple’s $third quarter revenue of $42 billion 400 million, down from $49 billion 600 million last year. The main reason is that Apple’s main product line iPhone sales as well as before, down 15% compared to the same period last year. Foreign research firm TrendForce recently released the second quarter of 2016, the global intelligent mobile phone market share ranking also reflects a similar situation, which Apple ranked second to 15.1%, although the chain share increased compared to the same period last year, but the market share is declining, visible apple iPhone core users are quietly lost. The domestic Android is one disaster after another, the mobile phone manufacturers have potential to catch up from behind have targeted iPhone, launched a violent siege to erode the iPhone where the high-end market by improving the basic configuration and pricing of products. Why has Apple will drain self-assured or supercilious users? They choose to leave the fruit powder and to who? This has become the focus of attention of many people, and now has become Chinese intelligent mobile phone market mirror, it reflects the Chinese is now in such a relatively mature smartphone market, user behavior change. First, why did you choose iPhone? If the time back to three or four years ago, to select the best intelligent mobile phone, presumably most people will vote for the heady iPhone. Even if the price or market factors can not let everyone use iPhone, but it still can not stop it in many people’s hearts to become the best smartphone. That’s what makes iPhone so popular with consumers? Bear the brunt of the iPhone system has a huge advantage. With Apple’s own operating system in the aspects of research and development experience, iOS has unique advantages in the use of convenience, it can not only work in iPhone and iPad, it can also open up the data, function and usage of MacOS apple MacBook. System optimization, like the use of GPU drawing interface, high!相关的主题文章: