[acid] spicy radish fried mutton taste and cool acid – Sohu for everyone, the real responsibility is only one: find yourself. Then hold on to the heart, and never stop. All the other ways is not complete, is the way of escape, is the ideal of mass cowardly regression, swim, for fear. — Herman · Hesse "Demian" [acid] ingredients: fried radish and mutton mutton, sour radish, red pepper, celery, garlic, ginger, chopped pepper; steps: 1, please store mutton chop block, go home with water after soaking for a while, to filter the blood, cold water pot, put cooking wine, star anise cinnamon, basil and other spices, boil water, cook for three or four minutes, remove the lamb, in the flow of the water rushed to the floating foam; 2, boiled water lamb into the electric pressure cooker, add enough water, pressure for more than an hour, until soup is milky white; 3, remove and drain some mutton. When the hot soup, cut into small strips; 4, garlic, ginger were crushed; red pepper cut; sour radish sliced; celery cut into inch sections; the prepared bottled chopped pepper 1-2 teaspoon; 5, sit Oil in wok, saute garlic, ginger, red pepper, into the meat, stir fry a while, add salt, soy sauce to pour some mutton flavor, Tang Runguo; the sour radish, add chopped pepper 1-2 spoon, stir evenly, you may add a little mutton soup, stir fry until sauce dries the basic in the section, celery, stir fry a while, add a little sugar can be fresh, qiguozhuangpan. Chicago language: 1, mutton braised mutton is a first, soft rotten, taste good fried mutton soup is retained; two; 2, fried mutton taste a little salty delicious; red pepper can be replaced with red rice or spicy pickle; 3, add a little flavor of mutton soup simmer, will sour radish, chopped hot and sour flavor into the dish spicy mutton. Spicy and sour taste.   相关的主题文章: