Domestic bonds issued by the Chinese real estate agency is subject to the cost of offshore bonds continue to go up We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! According to Bloomberg News Agency reported that in the face of domestic financing channels gradually tightening, real estate developers in the future Chinese material is more dependent on offshore dollar bond market to raise funds, overseas Chinese funded real estate bond yields face further upward pressure. Bloomberg news on Friday evening quoted unnamed sources familiar with the matter, said the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued on the trial of real estate, overcapacity in the industry classification of corporate bonds regulatory requirements. Which clearly pointed out, for during the existence of the real estate market regulation, there are "the most expensive land auction in the hot city focused on the regulation of the land hoarding behavior of real estate enterprises are not allowed to issue corporate bonds. Prior to this, Bloomberg learned from informed sources, the Shanghai Stock Exchange intends to tighten the housing price bonds audit standards, the new entry threshold requires the main rating AA and above. "Supervision gradually tightening financing of housing prices, the new bond policy in line with this trend, the future or therefore see dollar bond issue more real estate enterprises," ANZ Bank Singapore credit analyst Owen Gallimore said. "From now on, we may see a rise in yields." ANZ bank in early this month has recommended investors real estate holdings of bonds. China’s housing prices soared this year, in order to prevent the expansion of the property market bubble, since September 18th, more than 20 Chinese cities announced a new deal. With the rise of the domestic financing threshold, more Chinese funded housing prices to Hongkong issued debt. Increase in the number of issues, coupled with the fundamentals of foreign investors in China’s real estate companies to deepen concerns, so that Chinese real estate debt yields began to rise this month. JP Morgan’s bond index, mainly by the Chinese real estate companies issued Asian dollar high-yield bond yields rose 15 basis points to $6.6% this month, a record high of four months. The third quarter of this year, real estate developers Chinese amounted to more than $6 billion of bonds in the offshore market, the first quarter of 2014 to a new high over the same period; the enterprises in the domestic bond market through the RMB financing scale down to the two quarter of 2015 lows. Cautious investors Chinese government regulation on the property market continue to strengthen, to real estate business in the future sustainability and the solvency of Mongolia a shadow, investors began to Chinese real estate companies in domestic and foreign issuers of bonds are becoming more and more cautious. Monday morning, the coupon expires in 2019 6.875% – dollar bond yields up more than 4 basis points to 7.696%; the coupon expires in 2019 8.75% financial record China dollar bond yields upward nearly 2 basis points to 6.005%. Hongkong bank credit analyst Li Ruoyu said that the real estate revenue bonds denominated in dollars expected rate will go up, because of the recent decline is not driven by fundamentals, the new policy is likely to lead to more housing prices to the offshore bond market to meet the financing needs of. The future of small or capital theory相关的主题文章: