Eat steamed small peach sauce cake – not lit West Town Sohu and aunt fun live hall has treasure mother and me for help last week, said there is no oven at home, but also want to give children do steamed cake, can do with ordinary steamer? When I was a child did not answer her scorched by the flames. A few days ago while asleep a long gap wanderers, hurried the steamed eat peach sauce cake made out, and today they find time to finish the tutorial images and text, just do not know the baby can see. In our home, the cake has always been the task of the oven, because the oven heating principle and temperature environment is the best tool to make the cake taste. And like the rice cooker, microwave oven, steamer, tools such as, although it can be done, but not so professional and accurate oven, taste and appearance will be different. This steamed cake in front of the oven with the basic steps to do the same, but in the final part of the heating water for steam heating, so the cake with the same formula, the water is more than the oven version, the taste is soft and some. Like the mouth without good old children is a long body, and buddy does not have an oven at home, you can try. As a word of advertising, it is steamed to eat little cake. Weight: 4 4 inch pumpkin cake mold materials: 4 egg (with about 50 grams of a), low gluten flour 120 grams, sugar 60 grams, 50 grams of peach sauce (peach sauce can click here to view), corn oil 25 grams, a little dried cranberries: ordinary steamer, manual tools whisk time: about 40 minutes to do 1, all the materials ready, egg return to room temperature before use, otherwise it will not pass foaming 2, four egg into the anhydrous oil-free clean basin 3, then whisk to beat to a bubble. 4, after the sugar divided into the high pass in the egg. 5, the whole egg sent is first will have a big bubble, then the egg will be more and more white, the bubble will be more delicate, sent to 6 egg head egg drop slowly at 7, then add the peach sauce and corn oil, and then continue to high speed 30 seconds 8, sent off to egg head the egg is slow down, after the surface paint traces and not easy to disappear 9, sift in the flour 10, cut from the bottom of the stirring and mixing way to mix 11, this is the mix of good, because it contains peach jam in particles, so it looks very smooth 12 in the tool, previously placed dried cranberries. I use the anti sticking effect of carbon steel die, so the mold wall without oil, if you are not anti sticking mold, coated with a thin layer of oil easy to remember 13, will slowly release the cake batter is poured into a mold, not too full, too will be expanded, 14 water heating boiler to open the 15, after the water into the mold, the lid open steam for 20 minutes can be steamed after 16, don’t rush out, simmer for 5 minutes.相关的主题文章: