Report! Zhang Tianai Kong Hyo Jin of the Disco standard to wear out shopping recently, there are a lot of little sister put metal color eye-catching items wear out swinging back, super high rate, serious impact on traffic. In this regard, a large source of in-depth investigation into the decision to spend the popular disco elements, for this group of "Gang in one fell swoop! [a drugged, metallic color Amway gave so many stars] in those days, that is to lead the people of fashion show trend reports, later found a fashion craze is the female star! What to wear what fire, a variety of the same paragraph called a hot selling. The metal color of the popular, they are also inseparable from the relationship. From Zhang Tianai, Kong Hyo Jin, to the, Karlie,, are using a variety of styles to give us a demonstration of how stylish metal is good to wear, it is no wonder that the recent trend will be so much more than the Kloss. The nearest airport in Zhang Tian’ai modeling, on the choice of a nude oversized sweater collocation metal red shorts, fashionable and cute. Before the Gucci of Westminster in London the 2017 spring vacation series show, Kong Hyo Jin print cardigan wearing a Gucci metallic color collocation pleated skirt, a retro avant-garde fashion style. Fan Ye, the nearest airport street also chose a pair of Stella McCartney metallic platform shoes, let sportswear instantly become cool. In this year’s met Gala, cousin Liu Wen metal color Halter skirt is also very amazing, very fit the theme of this year’s sense of the future of science and technology. A few days ago, New York fashion week, KK also chose a backless dress metal color appeared Tom Ford fall 16 release dinner. She was not the only one in the metal skirt, but she was so beautiful that I didn’t see it. A gust of wind to [metal color, from the bottom blown to the T station] Yes, public enlightenment is the fashion star, but the star stylist who fashion inspiration can mostly come from the major index of five stars show. 16 fashion week, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and other brands is very explicit expression of metallic love. Tommy Hilfiger 2016 Tommy and Hilfiger 16 winter Navy wind sneaked into a modern sequins, a funny witty feeling, once again confirms the metallic color will not significantly older. Michael Kors winter 2016 Michael Kors and has been advocating modern metal color should be the most fit on the overall shape of the temperament, there is a sense of fashion like nature itself. 2017 spring and summer New York Fashion Week: Michael Kors understand the life of the modern girl Ralph Lauren winter and autumn, compared to the, Ralph Lauren metallic color is more high-end atmosphere grade, there is a kind of gorgeous majesty can not be violated. Dolce & Gabbana 2016 autumn and winter Dolce & Gabbana’s little princess style with shiny metallic color is also very comfortable to look good, so that the princess of the wind and many more Lang相关的主题文章: