Jiangsu Yancheng national scenic area the uncivilized behavior of Sohu eleven travel during the national day to Yancheng Dafeng Holland Huahai area, a lot of tourists, but found some uncivilized behavior. Love under the blue sky and white clouds is not very beautiful, very beautiful? But there are always some people who create new styles have to do something offbeat. At the foot of the pot has been trampled a lot, please stop your footsteps. This little friend, you took the flowers. This circle of friends how to get out ah? The mother and daughter more exaggerated, the market shopping cart to the park. The results of the previous few days of rain, the ground is muddy, coupled with uneven, they pushed very hard". The other side of these uncivilized behaviors is the lovely volunteers. She picked up a mineral water bottle in the flowers. Please let us call together: civilized behavior from me. If you like, please click! Author: micro-blog @ riding on the cattle back: WeChat boy0575 photographer, travelers, people from the media!相关的主题文章: