Beijing – VIDEO – Overseas Chinese media focused on Hubei and Yichang feel the Three Gorges Culture of overseas Chinese media focused on Hubei and Yichang Three Gorges Culture feel [comment] from September 20th to 22, from five continents in 19 countries and 29 overseas Chinese media executives gathered in Hubei to Yichang, the Three Gorges Dam, the concept of Chinese sturgeon garden, offering "Wu Sheng" Guan Gong, Yiling orange, feel the beautiful landscape of the three gorges. [comment] on the morning of 20, the delegation visited the exhibition hall for the Three Gorges project, the Three Gorges power station building, the Three Gorges group nursery center, listened to the introduction on the general situation, the Three Gorges Project Engineering benefit. Many overseas Chinese media representatives after the end of the visit, said the Three Gorges project has a more comprehensive and objective understanding. [] the same period Japan "students" news deputy editor Long Lihua: I came to Yichang for the third time, especially after this time, so I feel particularly excited, because in 2005 and 2008 (the time), the project is still in the construction phase, today the feeling particularly majestic and spectacular. [] "Sino Australia earlier times" Chairman Su: I hope China Three Gorges (Engineering) built for the benefit of the people, we will tell the truth, with a positive attitude, positive three. [comment] 20 afternoon, journalists have come to the Three Gorges group sturgeon Research Institute and the Yiling Guan Zhuang Cun, Yichang City, in-depth understanding of the achievements of protection of Chinese sturgeon and the new countryside of Yichang city. In the study, the delegation of close observation during the period of Chinese sturgeon and different growth specimens, and visit the Yangtze rare and unique fish gallery. The same period [] Malaysia Nanyang magazine interview with director Chen Zhongxing: (sturgeon) this was the first time I saw, for it has been listed as a China of animal protection, animal is endangered, should be properly protected. [comment] 21 days, journalists came to Hubei Dangyang, visited the scenic area, Jade Spring Dangyang Guan Ling, Xi? Folk Museum, in-depth understanding of the history of the Three Kingdoms culture and folk culture in Zhanghe basin. [comment] in Dangyang Jade Spring scenic area, the delegation visited the Guanyu land, "three Chu mountain" Jade Spring mountain, Chinese famous Buddhist shrine of Jade Spring temple and Jade Spring temple tower. Subsequently, the delegation came to one of the three major China Kuanmiao the Dangyang mausoleum, to worship Guan Gong mausoleum in front, the feeling of "Yi Ren Yong Guan spirit". [over] Australia cable Aoshi media operations director Jiang: whether in Chinese, or abroad, are "(Guan) Yi Ren Yong" four words (known), because Chinese in overseas whether they are living or doing business or will actually pay attention to "Yi Ren yong". We also hope that the China culture, especially the culture of Hubei, spread to Australia native Chinese and foreign friends, let them have the opportunity to really come to Hubei, feel the culture of the Three Kingdoms, feeling China culture. [comment] 22, the delegation visited the Yichang city for the mill Mountain Park, Yangtze River bridge, to be planning exhibition hall and other places, the development of ecological construction, the city of Yichang City相关的主题文章: