Shocked the Ministry of public security! Graduates returning home for business development of new drugs original title: life path for manufacturing reversed when once again into public view, the 33 year old Wang Bo (a pseudonym) to choose a different way. Huanggang in his hometown of Hubei, Wang became a celebrity in the wave number of town talk: high school won two prize in the national middle school chemistry contest finals, Beijing sent a famous institution; 2014 home business, has become the object of local government focus. The morning of October 27th, his name was announced at the Huanggang Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of public security supervision of large manufacturing, trafficking, drug smuggling case. Today, Wang Bo is the core of the suspect gang. Suspected of manufacturing, smuggling hundreds of kilograms of state control of new psychoactive substances (a new type of drug – reporters note), illegal profit of 4 million 500 thousand yuan, in June of this year, Wang Bo and his gang were arrested by public security organs. From the Beijing famous university graduates, home business star to the suspect, why Wang Bo’s life trajectory reversal? Even Japan, China Youth Daily · youth online reporter came to Huanggang to visit. In the mysterious crystal LED lamp in Huanggang middle school’s official website, still can be found, in 2001, Wang Bo recommended students enrolled in Beijing a famous university identity of College of chemistry and molecular engineering. Huanggang local public reports show that in 2014, as the local government introduced the "entrepreneurial talent", Wang Bo returned to Huanggang, becoming one of the founder of a local biotechnology company, engaged in "non natural amino acid, R & D and production of new anticancer drugs". At that time, the main leaders of the municipal government also made a special trip to Wang Bo company visits, high hopes. In June this year, a former "venture star" quietly fall. The incident in March of this year. Huanggang City, Huangzhou Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade and police station Chen CE Lou joint routine inspection, found a factory located in a local chemical factory in the company, for the production of raw materials of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other Anguidingbao not prepared. Peripheral understanding shows that laboratory personnel activities are more subtle. Series of secret investigation immediately spread. At the beginning of June, a message by the Shenzhen police to Huangzhou Public Security Bureau: LED lamp from Huanggang city to Shenzhen Longhua express new international logistics company in possession of 500 grams of light yellow crystal, suspected drug; the sender claimed to be "Zhang", through the connection between QQ and the logistics company, for shipment to Spain, Holland, Poland china. Two abnormal circumstances, whether hidden association? A task force set up by the Huanggang Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly Huangzhou branch. Scout soldiers three points, the sender QQ, Huanggang related courier company, as well as a local chemical plant, etc.. Survey shows that the use of QQ, suspicious personnel department of a household to a district Huangzhou 29 year old woman Wu Yun (a pseudonym), and Sally’s real name was Wang Bo. Further information shows that Wu Yun and Wang Bo is the relationship between husband and wife. The production workshop of Wang Bo in a chemical plant in the local rental, and Wang Bo hired cousin Wang Fei (a pseudonym) et al., in factory suspected drugs. Seized more than 600 kilograms of new drugs in June 8th, in the city of Huangzhou Wang Bo home with a local.相关的主题文章: