The university campus the most deadly gun case starting to allow teachers and students with a gun class – Beijing News Agency Houston 2 18 Xinhua (reporter Wang Huan) July president of Texas State University 17 in accordance with the state law approved by the teachers and students can carry guns into the campus, even though he was against. The school is one of the deadliest campus shootings in the United States, causing controversy across the world. "I thoroughly evaluate the campus with the working group decided to adopt their suggestions." Texas university president Fenwis (Gregory L. Fenves) 17 said, "I don’t think that guns should appear in the campus, so the decision is served as president since I faced the biggest challenge!" At the end of May 2015, the Republican leadership of the Texas legislature voted through a statewide public university campus armed act, and eventually governor Jabot signed into law. In accordance with the new law, starting from August 1st this year, 21 years old, received state concealed carry license training of students, teachers and staff are not exposed to carry a pistol in the university campus, classrooms, dormitories and other buildings, they must also pass a background check and firing test. Principals can’t completely ban guns on campus, but they can specify a "no gun zone", and the campus medical facilities can be excluded from the bill. "Many teachers, students and parents are willing to meet and oppose the campus, especially the use of guns in the classroom, which I share with them." Fenwis said in a statement, "but as a public university president, I have the obligation to implement the new law."." Located in the main campus of the University of Texas Texas capital of Austen, is one of the nation’s largest university students more than 51 thousand people. Particularly sensitive, the school was the site of the first university campus shootings in the United states. In August 1966, the former Marine Charles? Whitman killed his wife and mother, holding a rifle at the University of texas tower sniper pedestrians, before being shot dead by police, is recognized as the first most deadly random shootings, killing 17 people dead and more than 30 injured. At least 20 states in the United States are allowed to carry guns in some form of campus, but only a few states make it a legal requirement. Supporters say guns are citizens’ rights given by the constitution, which will help students protect themselves against attacks or school shootings, while opponents argue that this will bring more hidden dangers to campus security. Neuberger, a history professor at the University of Texas (Joan Neuberger) said, "I’ve been working here and live for 20 years, now she has become a more dangerous and anxious, I feel very sad." Some staff also claimed to resign, arguing that the presence of weapons was a threat to the campus environment that encouraged debate, investigation and free speech, and they were considering legal action to prevent the gun act from entering the campus. (end)

美大学最致命校园枪案首发地准许师生带枪上课-中新网   中新社休斯敦2月18日电 (记者 王欢)美国得州大学校长17日依照州法批准学生和教师可以携带枪支进入校园,尽管他本人反对。这所学校正是美国第一起最致命大学校园枪击案发生地,引发各界争议。   “我彻底评估了校园携枪工作组的政策建议,决定采纳它们。”得州大学校长芬维斯(Gregory L. Fenves)17日表示,“我不认为枪支应该出现在大学校园,因此这项决定是我担任校长以来所面临最大挑战!”   2015年5月底,共和党领导的得克萨斯州立法机构投票通过了全州公立大学校园持枪法案,并最终得到州长雅博特签署生效。   依照新法案,从今年8月1日起,21岁以上、接受过州隐蔽携枪许可证培训的学生、教师和工作人员在大学校园、教室、宿舍和其他建筑内均可不暴露地携带手枪,他们还必须通过背景审查和射击测验。校长们不能在校园完全禁止枪支,但可以合理指定“禁枪区”,校园的医疗设施可以排除在该法案之外。   “许多教职人员、学生和家长情愿、集会,反对校园尤其是教室内使用枪支,这点我与他们感同身受。”芬维斯发表声明指出,“但作为公立大学校长,我有义务实施新法律。”   位于得州首府奥斯汀的得州大学主校园,是全美规模最大的大学之一,学生超过5.1万人。尤为敏感的是,该校是全美第一起大学校园枪击案的发生地。1966年8月,前海军陆战队员查尔斯?惠特曼杀死了自己的妻子和母亲,持一把半自动步枪在得州大学钟楼狙击行人,后被警方击毙,被公认为是美国第一起最致命的随机枪击事件,共造成17人死亡、30多人受伤。   全美至少有20个州允许某种形式的校园内携带枪支,但只有少数州使其成为一项法律规定。支持者称,持枪是宪法赋予公民的权利,这将有助于学生在受到攻击或校园枪击事件时保护自己;反对者则认为,这样做会给校园安全带来更多隐患。   得州大学历史学教授纽伯格(Joan Neuberger)说,“我在这里已经工作和生活了20多年,如今她成为一个更加危险和令人焦虑的地方,我感到很伤心。”一些教职员还声称要辞职,认为武器的存在对于本意鼓励辩论、调查和自由言论的校园环境是一种威胁,他们正考虑采取法律行动,阻止持枪法案进入校园。(完)相关的主题文章: