20 years in Guangdong, the average number of Party and government leaders less than 3 years – Sohu news Xinhua Guangzhou February 4 (reporter Mao Yizhu Zhou Ying) Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection 4, the external notification of the third round of Guangdong 2015 tour situation. After the inspection of 26 units and regions, a number of problems have been found, such as the excessive changes of the main leaders in some areas, the average tenure of the party and government leaders less than 3 years in the past 20 years, the risk of land transfer and the risk of corruption, and some "four winds" problems are still repeated. Informed that some places in Guangdong in recent 20 years, the average number of Party and government leaders less than 3 years, the main changes in leadership is too frequent. In addition, the land transfer potential greater risk of corruption. Many places first sign the pre agreement with the intention enterprise, and then make the bidding conditions according to the specifications. In some places, the land assessment agencies are directly assigned by the government, and the land price is controlled by a few. The outstanding problems in the field of project bidding and the violation of the interests of the masses at the grass-roots level are also important contents of the notification. In some places the large amount of investment project contracting directly; to break up the whole into parts, some progress of tight grounds, on the project of invitation to bid in the form of meeting. It also says that political discipline and organizational discipline are lax in individual localities and institutions. Some leaders have allowed private bosses to attend the Party Standing Committee meetings. Some of the personal matters reporting system is not strict, as real declaration is more prominent at the grassroots level. There are many violations of discipline in some places. Some places pay too much attention to the ability of land expropriation and removal of cadres, and the "special land acquisition, especially stability" as the criteria for selecting cadres. Some are divided into leadership positions. Recently, the Guangdong provincial inspection teams have been inspected by the inspected areas, units feedback, requiring a good grasp of inspection and rectification, submit rectification report within 2 months. Author: Mao Yi bamboo Zhou Ying (source: Xinhua News Agency)

广东部分地方20年来党政一把手平均任期不足3年-搜狐新闻  新华社广州2月4日电(记者毛一竹 周颖)广东省纪委4日对外通报了广东2015年第三轮巡视情况。在对26个单位和地区开展巡查后发现一批问题,如部分地方主要领导变动过于频繁,近20年来党政一把手平均任期不足3年;土地出让潜藏较大廉政风险;一些“四风”问题仍屡禁不绝。  通报称,广东有的地方近20年来党政一把手平均任期不足3年,主要领导变动过于频繁。此外,土地出让潜藏较大廉政风险。不少地方先与意向企业签订前置协议,再量身定做招标条件进行虚假招拍挂。个别地方直接由政府指定土地评估机构,地价由少数几家掌控。  工程建设招投标领域问题突出和基层干部侵害群众利益问题也是通报的重要内容。有的地方将投资额大的工程项目化整为零,直接发包;有的以工程进度紧为由,以会议形式对大项目工程进行邀标。  通报还称,个别地方和单位政治纪律和组织纪律松弛。有的领导多次让私企老板全程参加党委常委会议。有的个人事项报告制度执行不严,不如实申报在基层较为突出。  一些地方选人用人存在不少违纪违规现象。一些地方过分看重干部征地拆迁能力,把“特别能征地、特别能维稳”作为选任干部的标准。有的超范围分设领导职务。  近期,广东省委各巡视组已向各被巡视地区、单位反馈了巡视情况,要求切实抓好巡视整改,2个月内提交整改报告。  作者:毛一竹 周颖 (来源:新华社)相关的主题文章: