2016 intelligent mobile phone charging speed mainstream PK guess who is the winner? Tencent digital news (Kevin) after the endurance of Phone Arena on this mainstream smart mobile phone battery of the pressure test, including Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and Google Pixel were among the top three, in the same pressure test conditions, the most durable battery. The results also prove that the battery capacity is not the only factors affecting the life force, operating system optimization, power management technology is the key. However, we all know that Apple has not used the so-called "fast charge technology", which is a famous brand advertisement described in the "three minute charge, call two hours". Fast charging technology to pass as the representative, the latest Xiaolong Soc has been able to support the "Quick Charge 3", can be in about 35 minutes to a mobile phone battery charging from zero to 80%. In addition to Samsung and other manufacturers also have fast charging technology, are basically achieved by improving the charging voltage. So, this year, charging the fastest mobile phone is which one? Phone Arena is also given by the previous answer evaluation database. This year the fastest charging for mobile phone Motorola Moto Z Driod Edition, in the charging environment, only 72 minutes can be filled with. The second is a plus 3, took 74 minutes; third were LG G5, 76 minutes. The apple iPhone battery is the most durable 7 Plus in this part of the bottom, take 197 minutes to full power. Of course, the other 2016 launch of Apple models results are also significantly behind the Android mobile phone. So, mobile phone charging speed compared to last year, whether there is a significant upgrade? Let us look at the 2015 mainstream smart mobile phone charging speed ranking. Last year, the fastest charging models by LG V10 won, only 65 minutes can be filled; followed by Samsung S6, for 78 minutes; third are from Samsung, is only 81 minutes with Note 5. From the data, it seems that this year’s type charging speed seems more slowly, but considering their battery capacity has increased in different extent, is understandable. In addition, the charge rate still need to safety as the first consideration, too fast is not necessarily a good thing.

2016主流智能手机充电速度PK 你猜谁是冠军?  腾讯数码讯(Kevin) 此前,Phone Arena对今年主流智能手机电池的续航力进行了压力测试,其中苹果的iPhone 7 Plus、iPhone 7及谷歌Pixel分别位列前三,在相同条件的压力测试下,电池最为耐用。  这个结果也充分证明,电池容量并不是唯一影响续航力的因素,操作系统优化、电源管理技术等也很关键。不过,我们都知道苹果一直没有使用所谓的“快充技术”,也就是某品牌著名广告词所描述的“充电三分钟、通话俩小时”。  快速充电技术以高通为代表,最新的骁龙Soc目前已经能够支持“Quick Charge 3.0”,可在大约35分钟内将一部手机从零电量冲电至80%。另外三星等厂商也拥有自己的快速充电技术,基本上都是通过提升充电电压来实现的。  那么,今年充电速度最快的手机是哪一款呢?Phone Arena也通过此前的评测数据库给出了答案。  今年充电速度最快的手机为摩托罗拉Moto Z Driod Edition,在相同的充电环境下,仅需72分钟就可以充满。其次为一加3,耗时74分钟;第三名则为LG G5,为76分钟。电池最耐用的苹果iPhone 7 Plus在这个环节则垫底,需要197分钟才能充满电。当然,其他2016年推出的苹果机型成绩也都明显落后于Android手机。  那么,手机充电速度相比去年,是否有明显提升呢?我们再来看看2015年主流智能手机充电速度的排名。去年充电速度最快的机型被LG V10夺得,仅需65分钟即可充满;其次则为三星S6,为78分钟;第三名也来自三星,是仅需81分钟充满的Note 5。  从数据来看,似乎今年的机型充电速度似乎更慢,但考虑到它们的电池容量都有不同幅度的增加,也是可以理解的。另外,充电速度仍需要以安全为第一考量,太快其实也不一定是一件好事。相关的主题文章: