Sun Zhengcai presided over the meeting of the Standing Committee of municipal Party committee of   National Day during deployment related work — Chongqing window — Sun Zhengcai chaired the Municipal Standing Committee meeting of the deployment of National Day during the relevant work to ensure that the masses live a happy and peaceful holiday September 29th morning, party secretary Sun Zhengcai chaired the Municipal Standing Committee meeting to carry out National Day during the work, to ensure that the majority of people live a happy and peaceful holiday. Meeting the requirements to effectively enhance the security and stability during the holiday season, safe and stable to tight hundred days a day not loose, the various departments at all levels must not have the slightest slack, should attach great importance to do a solid job during the holidays and social security prevention and control work of production safety, strengthen the enterprise production safety, strengthen transportation, tourism and crowded places other key areas and regional safety supervision. To do a good job in urban operation and service guarantee work, to ensure that water and electricity supply protection is strong, traffic safety and orderly operation, market supply prosperity and stability, cultural and recreational rich and colorful, tourism activities orderly, municipal environment clean and tidy. To strictly enforce the provisions of the central eight views of the spirit and the party, resolutely investigate and discipline violation behavior, ensure the delicate air, clean the holidays. The county departments should take the responsibility, careful arrangements, strengthen the duty on duty, ensure the smooth flow of information, the responsibilities to the job, the head, the work realistically catch fine, ensure that the masses enjoy a happy and peaceful National Day. (reporter Li Peng Yang Fan) (cover: pure, commissioning editor?) 孙政才主持市委常委会会议 部署国庆节期间有关工作–重庆视窗–人民网   孙政才主持召开市委常委会会议   部署国庆节期间有关工作 确保广大群众过一个欢乐祥和的节日   9月29日上午,市委书记孙政才主持召开市委常委会会议,要求切实做好国庆节期间有关工作,确保广大群众过一个欢乐祥和的节日。   会议要求,要切实抓好节日期间安全稳定工作,安全稳定要百日紧不可一日松,各级各部门切不可有丝毫懈怠,要高度重视、扎实做好节日期间社会治安防控和安全生产工作,加强企业安全生产,强化交通、旅游和人员密集场所等重点领域和区域安全监管。要切实做好城市运行和服务保障各项工作,确保水电气供应保障有力、交通运行安全有序、市场供应繁荣稳定、文化娱乐丰富多彩、旅游活动秩序井然、市政环境干净整洁。要严格执行中央八项规定精神和市委实施意见,对顶风违纪行为坚决查处,确保风清气正、廉洁过节。各区县各部门要切实负起责任,周密部署,加强值班值守,保障信息畅通,把责任落实到岗位、落实到人头,把各项工作抓紧抓细抓实,确保广大群众过一个欢乐祥和的国庆节。 (记者 李鹏 杨帆) (责编:盖纯、张?)相关的主题文章: