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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual "children teeth anyway to change, no matter there is no cavities!" Home treasure if have a fever cold, Baba mama is certainly a hurried panic. If a few long Kewa mouth cavities, most parents are not too seriously. Thousands! 000! Don’t! Big! Meaning! 3 year old baby all 20 primary teeth moth light Jiangsu Yangzhou Wang Tian son (a pseudonym) 3 years old this year, just in kindergarten. "As long as the child a mouth, she can see a cavity." Ms. Wang helpless, had formed the habit of giving milk before going to bed, often fell asleep with a bottle, the family did not add constraint. When there is more than a year old, have begun to decay, not only that, but also do not love brushing too. Ms. Wang believes that children have teeth never mind, it will change new teeth. In this way, has not paid attention to. The results of the field this year, tooth decay is more and more serious, all 20 primary teeth mouth, caries. Department of Stomatology Yangzhou Maternal and Child Health-Care Center experts said, at the beginning, Da Ta is the "bottle caries", this is often because of prolonged bottle decay caused by milk, milk, fruit juice, because and sugar, all contain different components of fermentable sugars, by using Streptococcus mutans and acid, long time stay in around the teeth, cause tooth surface decalcification. However, because the parents did not intervene as soon as possible, resulting in a deeper degree of dental caries in children. What are the hazards of sleeping with a bottle? ? affect the baby tooth development, even when the formation of dental rotten teeth, the baby will occur slobber. In addition, the "bottle tooth" once formed, will bring the hollowing out of the surface of the teeth, the tooth surface roughness, the day after become a factor in tooth decay. ? affect the child mouth appearance, caused the "day" to absorb the consequences will give oral development impact, resulting in the development of mandible deformity, affect the facial appearance. ? sleeping with the bottle will often cause abdominal pain in children with nipple sucking, swallowing excess air, causing air fullness in the stomach, will increase the milk may sometimes cause abdominal pain. The development of the ability of self – interference? Baby when the parents let the baby with a pacifier to sleep, this also means that the baby may be in the dark room lost the nipple, the baby will cry loudly, that will be better after the parents find the nipple. The development of this approach hinders children’s self ability, also let the baby feel to have to sleep to appease nipple. So that the baby to eat and sleep linked to allow the baby to suck in the bottle before going to sleep, so that the baby mistakenly believe that eating is linked to sleep. Once the baby set up this connection, in later life, will form such a habit, and rely on this form. This can lead to obesity. Baby Pacifier? May cause choking nose by child painting相关的主题文章: