Computers-and-Technology In the past few months, tablet PC and netbook have turned into household terms. Many people have begun using computers that are operated by a stylus pen or touch screen rather than a keyboard and mouse. This type of PC tablet is especially useful for doctors, nurses, engineers, architects, or other professions whose work requires frequent entering or viewing of maps, diagrams, graphs, and the like. Even police could probably find them useful for jotting down quick notes while on-site at a crime scene or disturbance call. These computers are often about the same price as a netbook with the same specs, but if they are a good tool to do ones job, they would be a smart investment and time saver. Here are 3 features that are must haves in a slate PC: 1)Multi-tasking: This means many programs can be run simultaneously, which is a plus for doctors and medical professionals who may have a patients file and many other operations open throughout the day. For some users, it can be much more natural and ergonomic to switch between applications and write, for example, a patients prescription with a tablet computer stylus pen instead of a keyboard. Many doctors are accustomed to writing with a real pen and tablet of paper, so the switch to a pc tablet isnt much of a stretch for them. 2)Built-in Webcam: Another great feature to have in a tablet pc is the web cam. Many of the professionals who use this type of laptop need to communicate with others around the world and the web cam makes this much easier. Meetings can now be held and participated in by many people around the world at the same time thanks to this feature. 3)Flash: Flash has become an integral part of the web experience. A slate PC without Flash misses out on popular sites like YouTube & Hulu. Once simply an animation tool, Adobe Flash does much more nowadays. The Flash abilities of the tablet is a useful tool for graphs, charts, animation, dynamic content, stream MP3 files, and is also used for so many other applications that exist today. If youre in the market for a tablet laptop, it can be a wise and convenient decision if it will help make your job easier. You can even probably find some great deals on them if you look around! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: