In 2017, the annual growth rate of output of intelligent mobile phone fear only 4.5%- Sohu [Technews] new technology technology global market research firm TrendForce’s latest report shows that in 2016 the number of intelligent mobile phone production growth down to 2.5%, the total number of estimated production reached 1 billion 330 million, although the Chinese brand of smart mobile phone shipments to maintain the momentum of relatively strong, but the attenuation of international brand city for still restrain overall growth performance. 2017 smart phone production will be close to 1 billion 400 million, an annual growth of about 4.5%, the lack of new applications in the market under the stimulation of the past, the growth of more than two digits is no longer seen. China brand shipments growth depends on the fear of weakening momentum, export market development TrendForce intelligent mobile phone analyst Wu Yating said that in 2016 two to benefit from the brand OPPO and vivo strong shipment growth driven by the number of Chinese intelligent mobile phone brand total production reached 600 million, accounting for about 45% of global. However, because the number of production of the two brands in 2016 annual growth has been relatively high, in the company’s strategy is still dominated by domestic and overseas visibility is still low, expected to maintain high growth more difficult. TrendForce estimates, in 2017 the total number of Chinese brands of smart phones produced about 634 million, accounting for the world’s total of 45.6%, compared to this year, I am afraid only flat. The brand delivery performance depends largely on the export market to expand overseas market, if limited deployment and the lack of IP or the overseas operator support, China brand mobile phone will only be confined to the inland market, not only limited growth, fierce price competition may be further compressed margins. Samsung shipment growth is tested, the new generation of apple iPhone specification upgrade is expected to enhance the market share in the fourth quarter of this year Samsung Note 7 battery explosion hit consumer confidence, although Samsung has strengthened the promotion Galaxy S7 series aircraft, maintaining the overall production level, but the prospect of 2017, Samsung to stable consumer confidence in the large size of the mobile phone market, and continuous innovation in hardware specifications, will be the biggest challenge. Wu Yating said that in 2016 apple iPhone still could not escape the sales downturn in the market, the recession is estimated at 11.5%, however, the message from the supply chain point of view, in 2017 a new generation of iPhone will benefit from the hardware specifications significantly upgraded, including the use of AMOLED glass screen, shell, DRAM, increase the capacity of narrow border processing, HOME key to remove further modification, the consumers for the next generation of iPhone hold high attention, and then lift the apple mobile phone market share expand again, forecast in 2017 iPhone annual growth of about 8.9% the number of production. AMOLED screen has become the highlight of the upgrade, Samsung, apple is expected to be massive use of Wu Yating pointed out that Apple’s mobile phone shipments this year is not optimistic, one of the main reasons相关的主题文章: