200 thousand of the Audi SUV 4 entry-level luxury SUV recommended that Homer is deep wall high court high threshold, the luxury brand car for ordinary people but also seems to be the envy of distant. In fact, with the development of economy, the old Yan Wang Xietang ago, flying into the homes of ordinary people, the luxury brand of the threshold is lower, the burden of a car with eye-catching logo is not how far away things. Today we recommend four luxury brand run entry SUV, the lowest price is only 230 thousand yuan. Test drive the new Audi Q3 fashion fun Audi Q3 (quality of ginseng, pictures, inquiry) price: 23.42-34.49 yuan promotions: cash discount 30 thousand yuan or more to enjoy preferential purchase tax halved once the official car of the Audi brand image and people gradually become younger, on the road more and more Q3 also allows us to see the Chinese people enthusiasm for entry luxury car. Domestic +1.4T small displacement power, which makes Audi Q3 has a very low starting price plus standard SUV modeling, rich configuration and brand advantage, which makes the Q3 has become a very good selling a popular car. In this paper the recommended four car, the Q3 control is not the best, not the most fierce cross-country, not the best, but with the earliest domestic identity and Audi in the luxury brand sales status of big brother, all opponents are not but the heart of this type of car let down ambitions seem to stay adorable. The new Audi Q3 in appearance only in the net and the tail lamp set with the details of the adjustment, so that the vehicle is more young, is to keep the family front style. As for the interior of new Audi Q3 did not make any adjustments, as configured, even with low Q3 is awesome. The Audi Q3 30TFSI models (234 thousand and 200) the main configuration of 22555 R17 wheel tire xenon lamp package LED daytime driving lights outside rearview mirror heating electrically adjustable front and rear fog lamps Aluminum Alloy roof rack interior configuration driver seat adjustment + electric power lumbar side driver seat electric 8 to adjust the front seat heating ventilation & high grade fabric seat fabric four pieces of leather steering wheel monochromatic driver information system security configuration of ESP electronic stability program 6 airbag system after reversing radar assisted uphill downhill assist system of tire pressure monitoring automatic electronic anti glare rearview mirror technology configuration power tailgate cruise engine automatic start and stop the Bluetooth interface Audi impression system automatic air conditioning + sun (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) rain sensor power, still equipped with high and low power version of the 1.4T engine and 2.0T engine, 1.4T models On the cancellation of the manual transmission version, all equipped with 6 gear dual clutch gearbox, while in the 2.0T model is the whole system to match the 7 gear dual clutch gearbox. Model comments: Audi Q3 with the advantage of the brand after the domestic sales in the market has been steadily rising, the new matching 6 speed dual clutch transmission also avoids the problem of the original dual clutch speed 7. The most important thing is that the current Q3 has a total of more than 30 thousand yuan discount, coupled with the purchase tax on the purchase tax 1.4T models)相关的主题文章: