17 people reported 3000 yuan 6 days in Japan did not make the trip 650 thousand margin to retreat – Beijing in June this year, Ms. Yang et al in friend Wang Qiang (a pseudonym) introduced, took part in the National Day 6 day tour of Japan cheap group, each paid 30 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan deposit. Originally scheduled to start in October 2nd, but has been delayed. Ms. Yang said, "go out, the deposit has not landed". Easytour responded that Ms. Yang et al. Payment of margin not reached the company account. Police have been involved in the investigation. Each 3 to 50 thousand margin according to Ms. Yang said, in June this year, they through easytour Dengshikou Salesroom friend Wang Qiang took part in the National Day 6 days in Japan, per capita travel costs 3000 yuan, including 5 nights accommodation. Ms. Yang’s relatives and friends, a total of 17 people to join the tour, including a total of 12 adults and 5 children. Adult each received 50 thousand yuan deposit, the child received a deposit of $30 thousand per person, Ms. Yang, who paid a total of 750 thousand yuan. Reporters saw from the contract provided by Ms. Yang, which agreed to deposit within 60 days from the signing of the refund". "The original October 2nd group, can be at the end of September without any notice and arrangements." Yang, who is the most anxious, they have received only 100 thousand yuan refund. 650 thousand no deposit recovery of Ms. Yang et al easytour city to the Beijing morning news reporter Zhou mouth marketing department responsible person signed the "repayment undertaking", the contents of the display is due to easytour due to the return of all the creditors still owed 650 thousand yuan deposit, outstanding "," to ensure that in September 23rd before the return of all 650 thousand yuan deposit ". The reporter checked Yang provided a payment voucher, found the same POS machine brush out the certificate, but the merchant merchant name, three payment vouchers on the business name as "easytour", China CITS show "another". The company denied receiving the deposit, reporters from the national enterprise credit information online query, easytour International Travel Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Dongcheng Dengshikou Salesroom for a week, the marketing department in July 22nd this year canceled. Reporters call Zhou phone, no one answered the phone. Easytour days before the headquarters responded that, after verification, the two sides signed the contract is a company, but Ms. Yang and other consumers pay the deposit and not into the company account, "and the police and consumers are easy to communicate, will solve the problem through legal channels." Beijing lawyer Zhang Xinnian said on the matter, such as travel agencies not according to the contract to provide travel services and do not refund the deposit, which constitutes a breach of contract, should bear civil liability; at the same time, the travel agency received illegal deposit behavior, tourism authorities feasible administrative punishment. But with the current material point of view, do not rule out the name of the name of the name of the travel agency, the real fraud. Beijing morning news reporter Wang Huixian clues: Mr. Chen相关的主题文章: