13 year old girl allegedly raped people to drink for pregnant herbicide Shimenn County government website screenshot letter record Dutch act the people’s Government of Shimenn County county magistrate mailbox display, October 20th, a letter from the number "XZXX2016100036" letters, letters claiming to be the north and south of Shimenn County town farmers who work long. In October 2016, his 13 year old niece was pregnant after being raped and said she did not dare to say, drink the herbicide suicide. Niece was rescued after revealing that he was raped after being threatened by 4 people, of whom she was aware of the 2, until recently, found himself pregnant and did not dare to say that the choice of suicide. The last letter, the Shimenn County Public Security Bureau responded that, after investigation, some people reflect the situation basically true, the County Public Security Bureau police station has been accepted as one of the southern town of criminal cases, has been arrested and criminal detention of 2 people, in the further investigation of the case. In this regard, Shimenn County Public Security Bureau responsible person in charge of the office, the current situation is not easy to grasp the master, is checking the details of the case. County mailbox Public Security Bureau reply is the County Public Security Bureau complaint department reply, is still in check. In November 1st, the Shimenn County Public Security Bureau South Town police station responsible person told the surging news, the case is under further investigation, to disclose details. Source: Shimenn County government’s editor: Joe SN098相关的主题文章: