1 year old boy almost lost his life for the toy model, my mother regret! Mother mother – Sohu to brush a tooth of time, 1 year old Maria Tung (a pseudonym) on the Oriental Pearl Tower Model want to take a car made of copper, the caikong, Maria Tung sharp neck straight spire. The second people’s hospital admissions, Maria Tung of Otolaryngology Head and neck surgery, Department of orthopedics, Department of general surgery, Department of Anesthesiology, ICU hospital consultation, imaging examination showed that Maria Tung’s injury is very dangerous, between the spire directly into the second third cervical vertebra, 5-6 cm deep, and close to the carotid artery. A little careless, may further direct puncture of carotid artery. After the doctor consultation, Maria Tung successfully made a foreign body removal surgery, the child turned the corner. Later, Maria Tung’s mother scared, the original father Maria Tung also tried to pull out the model, "in fact, this is a very dangerous move", responsible for the operation of the Department of ENT doctors stressed that because foreign bodies stuck is likely to encounter with foreign vessels, once the children crying, it is possible to vascular injury. Every summer this situation will be significantly increased than usual, "like chopsticks, spoon these items are relatively easy to insert the body of a child, because the child will take these dishes to run while eating, once the fall will cause danger. Preschool children’s home furnishings, with some sharp edges of furniture and decoration decoration is very dangerous, should be placed in the reach of children. In addition, let the children take to avoid sharp cutlery to eat alone, to avoid danger. Family security risks can not be ignored, disease prevention and control center showed statistics over the years, the family is all fall, sharp injuries, burns and ingestion of harmful substances in high places. "Home with young children, parents and caregivers to hit twelve points of the spirit, often inattentive, children accident took place." The following will be summarized in the most dangerous expert ten children’s toys as follows, for parents to buy toys when reference. 1, ejection toys refers to the toy itself can be carried out by the external force of the ejection, parabolic motion or directly hit the target, such as a bullet toy gun, etc.. The ejection of toys in general are more lethal, so let the child as far away from all kinds of dangerous ejection toys. 2, rope toys with rope toys refers to various tied with rope toys, including a variety of accessories, such as yo yo rope. Children like to pull the rope pulling or playing rope, rope is very easy to wrap around the child’s fingers or neck, a long time, resulting in the light of the end of the ischemic necrosis, weight can make the baby suffocation. Therefore, in the selection of toys with rope, rope length can not exceed the baby’s neck circumference; young children do not want to play this kind of rope toys. 3, balloon toys toy balloons are generally rubber or plastic products, filled with air or hydrogen, colorful, changeable shape. There are many kinds of hidden dangers of the balloon, the first is the explosion of the balloon is easy to cause harm to the child, especially the hydrogen balloon, if you encounter a flame, but also cause severe combustion; followed by the balloon debris once into相关的主题文章: